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Round Table

Round Table
Marchesi House
4 Embassy Drive
Calthorpe Road, Edgbaston
B15 1TP

0845 508 0000


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Round Table is constantly evolving. Our motto is ‘Adopt, Adapt, Improve and we have been Adopting, Adapting & Improving since 1927.

We have thousands of members who meet up every couple of weeks around the UK to have fun, have a pint and get involved in their local communities. Most local Round Tables get together to do everything from paintballing to a game of football, or even something as simple a drink at the pub followed by a curry. These evenings are the essence of Round Table – bringing together groups of friends for beer and banter. Each local Round Table organises its own annual community events. These can vary from club to club, ranging from carnivals and bonfires for tens of thousands of people, to fun runs and barbeques.